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Vaughn Midder, Champion

Monologue Madness 2018



Each spring,  as sports fans from across the nation flock to college basketball arenas, crazed actors and theatre fans from up and down the East Coast converge upon our nation’s capital to witness the phenomenon known as Monologue Madness.   Created in 2011 by actor and producer Edward Daniels, this annual acting competition has kept sold-out audiences on the edge of their seats and awarded over $15,000 to deserving acting talent.


On Selection Sunday, over 200 actors audition at our open call. Only 32 make the cut into a single-elimination tournament bracket.


Two weeks later, on Championship Monday, each actor arrives prepared with three of their best one-minute monologues, to perform before a live audience and a panel of judges.


The rounds are Comedy, Drama, and Classical. Taking the stage in pairs and scored individually by theatre, film, and casting professionals, one actor advances to the next round, while the other is eliminated.


For those actors breaking into the Final Four, the Cold Read Round, the evening becomes a bit more interesting. Actors are handed an unseen monologue and given just five minutes to prepare it before taking to the stage.


As only two actors remain in the Final Round our judges hand down a final adjustment leading up to the crowning of our champion, who walks away with $1000.


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Monologue Madness 2020, celebrates it's 8th anniversary with the Monologue Madness Quarantine Challenge. 


Actor registration is now open. Scroll down for details!


-The Writer's Bloc



Due to the on-going Covid-19 pandemic, Monologue Madness, LLC, is proud to present the
Monologue Madness 2020 Quarantine Challenge, a national virtual tournament of acting!



Actors may submit ONE monologue, any genre, no more than one minute in length. Timing begins after you slate your name, name of the piece, author of the piece. This should be a continuous one-camera take of your one-minute, non-edited monologue. Again, no editing of the monologue.

Actor must be a current US resident. Minimum age 18. Actor submission acknowledges consent for use of performance as part of Monologue Madness, LLC judging and marketing.


Tips: Please be sure that your lighting & framing is adequate (can we see you?). Please make sure that your audio is clear (can we hear you?).

Please submit via WeTransfer ( to

  • taped one-minute monologue

  • one headshot

  • your name, phone, city, & state


Tips: If using your phone to record, please go directly to the WeTransfer site on your phone and submit from there.  If transferring the video file from a device or memory card to a computer and then submitting via WeTransfer, be sure that the audio and video quality on your computer is clear before you send it. We are only accepting submissions via WeTransfer. 


Submission deadline is 5:00pm EDT on Saturday, 10/3/20. No submissions will be accepted after this deadline, no exceptions.




-Monday, Oct 5 thru Friday, Oct 9, 2020 | Open Call Judging.

Judging by panel of THREE film & theatre talent and casting professionals*.


-Monday, Oct 12 | Top 32 Actors Announced.

Only the Top 32 actors selected by the panel of judges will be invited to compete in the tournament bracket. The actor must accept or decline the invitation at the time of the call from our production team. Any actor not accepting the offer to compete will allow a lower-scoring actor to enter Top 32 bracket.


-Monday, Oct 12 thru Friday, Oct 16 | Audience Choice Voting for Top 50 actors
Details will be posted online and all actors will be notified if they have made the cut into the Top 50. Audience Choice Award announced during event competition.


-Saturday, Oct 17 | Top 32 Actor Run-Thru Online, 6:00pm-7:00pm

-Sunday, Oct 18 | Monologue Madness 2020 Quarantine Challenge | 6:30pm-8:30pm

Live event streamed online via Zoom and Facebook Live. New panel of SIX judges*. Hosted by Producer Edward Daniels. 

Top 32 actors must be prepared with at least three off-book monologues in the genres of comedy, drama, and classical (any work published at least 100 years ago.)


Actors will compete head-to-head according to the posted tournament bracket. A new panel of six judges will be scoring on a 0-100 scale, based on choice of monologue, preparation, and talent. Event will be run by the producer and production team.

  • Round 1, Comedy

  • Round 2, Drama

  • Round 3, Classical

  • Final Four, Cold Read

  • Final, Judges' Choice

Winning actor will receive $1000.

Judges Line-Up (pending, subject to change)


Open Call
Judge 1: Bjorn Munson, Team Jabberwocky, LLC

Judge 2: TBA

Judge 3: TBA


Monologue Madness 2020 Quarantine Challenge

Judge 1: Anne Chapman, Anne Chapman Casting, Harriet, Loving, Lincoln

Judge 2: Kimberly Skyrme, Kimberly Skyrme Casting, House of Cards, Tri, etc.

Judge 3: Adrienne Nelson, SAG-AFTRA, AEA, House of Cards, etc.

Judge 4: Carl Randolph, SDC, SAG-AFTRA, AEA, Artistic Director | Transformation Theatre

Judge 5: Rick Hammerly, AEA


Monologue Madness Atlanta

Coming 2021

Monologue Madness New York

Coming 2021

Monologue Madness Los Angeles

Coming 2021



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