Frequently Asked Questions

We are currently updated our FAQs. Additional info coming on 3.24.22 by 3:30pm.

Can I skype or submit a video audition for the Open Call?


No. All actor are required to audition in the city for which they are registered. Monologue Madness is currently being produced in Washington, DC, Atlanta, GA, and Los Angeles, CA. Plans are in the works for New York City and Chicago.


What is the layout of the Open Call audition space?


The audition space is generally a large empty room with one table, three judges, and one timekeeper. There may be other casting professionals in attendance. There will be one chair available for the actor’s use.




Will the timing of my monologue be strictly enforced?


Yes. At the Open Call, all actors have TWO minutes to present their monologue(s). The timekeeper will raise their hand to indicate when ten seconds remain and will say TIME when you’ve reached the two-minute mark.


On the competition evening, each actor has ONE minute to present in each round. The timekeeper will raise their hand to indicate when ten seconds remain and will say TIME when you’ve reached the one-minute mark.


Actors continuing after TIME has been called may be assessed a 5-point penalty by each judge.



Can I use the same monologue that I used at the Open Call on the competition night?


Yes. Depending on the genre that you use at the Open Call, you can use the same monologue during the appropriate round on the competition evening.


We do ask that any actors who have competed in Monologue Madness 2019 or 2020 choose a different set of monologues for the 2021 and 2022 dates.

If I do NOT make the cut after the Open Call, do I have to pay to watch the competition?


Yes. Each registered actor who auditions will have the chance to reserve a seat

to watch the competition at a discounted rate. Discount codes will be made available to these actors for one week only.

Why do I have to pay to audition?

The Monologue Madness production team realizes that actors are rarely asked to pay a fee to audition. As this event continues to grow and attract larger sponsors and partners, we hope to completely eliminate the registration fee.

In the meantime, we do have to a number of costs involved in producing the event, notably venue rental fees, artistic and tech staff, and marketing costs.

We’ve kept the registration fee as low as possible over the years and hope that the actor’s return from the experience is a valuable one.

One of the main goals of this competition is to provide actors the chance to work on and present new material, receive written feedback on material from three industry pros at the open call and an additional six industry pros for those making it into the main event, and to network with fellow actors, directors, and casting professionals. Additionally, all actor’s material will be in the hands of each of our judges who are also casting directors.

Our winner’s packages change from event to event, but always offer the actors a variety of career-related items, including complimentary headshot sessions, coaching, acting classes, and the ultimate prize of $1000 to the winning actor.