Can I skype or submit a video audition for the Open Call?


No. All actor are required to audition in Washington, DC.  Due to growing interest, we do plan to tour the competition to several other cities in 2018-2019. Please stay tuned as we will be making this official announcement at the conclusion of this year’s Washington, DC event.



What is the layout of the Open Call audition space?


The audition space at Arena Stage will be a large empty rehearsal room with one table, 3 judges, other casting professionals, and 1 chair for the actor's use.



Will the timing of my monologue be strictly enforced?


Yes. At the Open Call, all actors have 2 minutes to present their monologue(s).


On the competition evening, each actor has 1 minute to present in each round. Actors will be penalized 5 points if they go over the 1 minute mark during competition. Any actor who goes over 1 minute and 5 seconds will be disqualified.



Can I use the same monologue that I used at the Open Call on the competition night?


Yes. Depending on the genre that you use at the 2019 Open Call, you can use the same monologue during the appropriate round on the competition evening.



If I do NOT make the cut after the Open Call, do I have to pay to watch the competition?


Yes. Each registered actor who auditions will have the chance to reserve a seat

to watch the competition on 3/21/19 at a discounted rate.


Discount codes made available for those actors will be made available for one week only.