Actor Open Call Registration | Los Angeles, CA

LA 2023 Details

Online actor registration is now open and will remain open until all available slots are filled.

Registration fee is $8 per actor. Non-refundable.

All actors must register to secure an audition slot.

After you register you will receive an email within 48 hours to select your exact audition time.

You must confirm your exact audition appointment time. A stand-by list will begin
if all available slots are filled. Details for stand-by will be made available online.


Selection Saturday, Open Call Audition

Saturday, January 14, 2023, LS Acting Studios (Hollywood)



Headshots & Resumes

Please bring TWO headshots & resumes, printed or stapled back-to-back.

If this number changes, registered actors will be notified and an update will be made online. 

Headshots & resumes must be 8x10. Any mis-sized headshots & resumes will NOT be accepted.



Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your audition appointment.

Actors will be given two minutes to present up to two monologues of their choosing.

Monologues may be comedic, dramatic, or classical.

Self-written and non-published monologues are allowed, though not suggested.


Scoring & Feedback

Monologues will be scored by two theatre & film professionals.

Scoring is based on acting ability, choice of monologue, acting choices, and preparation.

Each actor will be provided feedback from each of the industry professionals.



There will be a time-keeper present in the audition room.

Timing begins after you have slated.



In addition to the two judges who will decide which 32 actors will be invited to compete in the competition, there may be other casting professionals attending the Open Call who are casting future film and theatre projects.

This list will be made available to each actor at the audition check-in table and

will be updated online.


Top 32

The top 32 highest-scoring actors from the Open Call will be invited to compete in

Monologue Madness LA on Championship Monday at The Actors Company LA.

Actors who make the cut will be notified on Sunday, Jan 15, 2023, 

and the Top 32 will be posted online. Actors must accept or decline invitation upon receipt.

Actors declining the invitation will allow a lower-scoring actor the opportunity to compete.

The Top 32 actors will be placed in a single-elimination bracket for tournament competition.


Championship Monday, Monologue Madness LA

Monday, January 30, 2023, 6:00pm


The Actors Company

There will be THREE new judges and a live audience of approximately 100.

Actors must come prepared with THREE, one-minute monologues.

Monologues used at the Open Call may be used in the competition.

If the actor participated in Monologue Madness LA 2022,

a different set of monologues must be used for the 2023 competition.

Round 1 is Comedy

Round 2 is Drama

Round 3 is Classical

Round 4 is the Cold Read


Actors will take the stage in pairs, i.e. Actor 1 competing against Actor 2 in the round of Comedy.

Actor 1 presents, then Actor 2 presents. Actors are scored by the panel of judges.

The entire round is complete when all pairs of the bracket have presented.

Tabulation occurs and an announcement is made as to which actor in each pair will advance to the next round.

Sixteen actors will advance to Round 2 (Drama).

Eight actors will advance to Round 3 (Classical).

[Classical is defined as any work published at least 100 years ago.]

Four actors will advance to Round 4 (Cold Read).

Should they advance to Round 4, the actor will be handed a gender-neutral monologue in which the actor will have five minutes to prepare, off-stage, before returning to perform.

Tabulation shall occur and two actors will advance to the Final Round.

Per tradition, details on the requirements of the Final Round will not be made available

until the evening of the competition.



The winning actor will receive $1000, in addition to other career-related gifts.


Awards details will be continuously updated online.


You're all set. We'll email within 48 hours to schedule your exact audition appointment!

After registering, we'll reach out within 48 hrs
to confirm your audition slot!